The thought of being a typical tourist brings out the rebel in me. I want to find the hidden places. Travel opposite of the massive crowds. Save my dime by sleeping in my vehicle and use it on an experience instead.  Go on an adventure where I meet the quirky people that follow their own drumbeat.


The road has always beckoned me. I converted a VW bus into my home when I was a teenager and it took me all over Vancouver Island and up to Whistler. Where, with a baby on the way, I upgraded to an 18' RV. Living off the grid for many years until I dove straight back into my hometown of Nanaimo and opened up my own little boutique. As fun as that was it kept me close to home for about a decade.  

Then I switched things up a bit, one store led into another and brought the opportunity to travel for tradeshows. With a rapidly expanding art supply store and wholesalers down in the US. I went on my first adventure off Vancouver Island in over a decade. 

Well that was it the travel bug that had been longing to get out was in control. And in five years I have put 16 trips across the border into my passport. With many more hopefully to come.

Willow Friday

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